Saturday, August 3, 2013

8-3-13 Shopping trip.

     Today Chloe's Mission purchased $42.01 from Vistia Print to order business cards and postcards to help spread the word. We are will to share the business cards upon request with a donation.
    We also got more stock of school supplies that was $128. Stocking up on items such as loose leaf paper, notebooks, binders, folders, crayons, erasers, scissors, markers, colored pencils and pens. 
     We are welcoming more donations because even though theses items will always be around, this is the only time we can get note books for .17 cents, folders for .15 cents, loose leaf paper for .48 cents and crayola crayons for .50 cents a box. We also need funds for shipping items in the few weeks to come.
     We currently have four families in need. and have raised a life time amount of donations of $180.00.

     We will have an updated inventory list posted in a few hours once things get organized and counted

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