Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Week 1 Update 8/5/13

    We have a flowing of amount of support from everyone, and lots of you are asking how you can do your part. We are currently accepting any type of donation by either financial donations that you can add to our PayPal account by clicking on the donation button on the right side of the page. We are also accepting supply donations that can be sent to us. We will humbly accept any type of supply but right now we would like pencil boxes and holders of different types, backpacks ( either mesh or clear as some schools have a regulation) and lunchboxes. We currently need financial donations to help cover shipping cost, and so we can purchase large envelopes so we can get things packaged here in our office instead of at the post office. Also we would like to rent a P.O. box so we can place it on our cards and I do not have to give out my personal address. Nevertheless, We accept anything and every little bit helps. Today we had a donation of a pencil holder that is going to make a little boy very happy, that is it is about. If you donating one item, one dollar, or 100 items or 100 dollars, any donation is what is going to keep Chloe's Mission alive and going. I will try to have a better "wish list" set up on the blog and also and inventory update. I work tomorrow till 2:30 so it will be tomorrow evening. Thank you everyone!

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